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Who am I?

Hello, I'm Mine, I've always liked to help others, and for more than 2-3 years I've always tried something new out. I've done many things in different areas. 
· Bukkit development: Started in 2013 when KitPvP servers were massive, so I wanted to start developing my plugins because I became interested in learning.
 · Web Development: When I was younger, around 2011 I started a website, I liked web development and started coding PHP, HTML and some more. 
· Servers: Midway 2014 I started a test server for setting up my KitPvP server, I did this with a friend that was paying the host, and I was developing. After this, we just stopped the server since we were both occupied with college. 
· Setups: Ending 2014 I started doing setups for many things most were just for me to host locally and just play around with plugins. Since then I still do setups about Factions, Towny, Plot Worlds, etc..

 In summary, I've done a little bit of everything, and I'm ready to get some work done.